Распечатано: 07.04.2020 12:42:08


The gallery of contemporary art “Ў” invites artists, curators, art-critics to cooperation!

Please, submit the information about you, your works and projects to the gallery in e-format (CD/DVD) or to e-mail: info@ygallery.by
- Artist’s Portfolio:
    - CV (creative biography) — information about the author (born, studied, exhibited,etc.), web-sites where there are author’s works, galleries with which the author collaborates or collaborated, a photo of the author;
    - photos of the author’s works (in high quality) indicating the year, technique, sizes, title;
    - price-list (if any);
    - contacts (address, telephone number, e-mail).
- Curator’s Portfolio:
    - CV — information about the curator (born, studied, galleries or other institutions with which the curator participates or participated, etc.);
    - documentation of the completed projects (photos, video, accompanying articles, links to internet-resources);
    - contacts (address, telephone number, e-mail).
- Project:
    - concept and short description of the project;
    - curator and the list of project participants;
    - CV — info about the curator and project participants (born, studies, exhibited,etc.), web-sites where there are participants’ works, galleries with which the participants’ collaborates or collaborated;
    - if possible photos (in high quality) of participants’ works which are supposed to be included into the project, indicating the year, technique sizes, title;
    - contacts (address, telephone number, e-mail).
CD/DVD should be signed in marker: the name of the author, the technique in which the author works or the title of the project and the name of the curator.