Active art spaces for the presentation of Belarusian and European contemporary art.

Minsk, vulica Kastryčnickaja, 19
Working hours: daily 12:00 - 20:00

+375 29 366 75 16

About us

Gallery of contemporary art "Ў" – more than a gallery. This is an active space for art, the creative community around the contemporary Belarusian art, known far outside of Minsk. Gallery "Ў" combines an exhibition space, a democratic wine bar "Ў", design-shop and Literary House Logvinov. Each of the parts making up the Gallery "Ў" performs its function in relation to independent Belarusian culture: the representation of works and projects of Belarusian artists and designers, support for young and already well-known authors, promotion of modern Belarusian literature and the Belarusian language.

Exhibition space of Gallery "Ў"  a platform for experimentation and freedom of artistic expression, communication between the artist and the visitor.

Organization of educational programs, round tables, discussions, master classes, lectures, seminars, meetings with outstanding representatives of contemporary art critics - a priority direction of the gallery "Ў". All of this helps to create an active communication platform designed for interaction of visitors, artists, curators, art managers, critics and researchers. We believe that it makes a great contribution to the development of the institute of the Belarusian art critics, tradition of analytical work with arts, the development of the cultural policy in Belarus. Gallery "Ў" is a space of mediation between the independent art community, business, research organizations and civil society sectors.

Gallery makes every effort to contemporary Belarusian art, projects and personalities of the art community in Belarus is not only always present in the Belarusian public space, but became more visible in pan-European artistic context. Gallery "Ў" supports interdisciplinary research projects in collaboration with the professional expert community from Belarus and foreign countries in such scientific fields as visual culture and critical urban studies, philosophy, sociology, gender, modern history and society.

Gallery of contemporary art "Ў" – a creative and intellectual space, free platform for local and international cultural dialogue, which contributes to the formation of the current understanding of the prominent role of culture and art in modern society.

We love art fully and unconditionally.