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Aleksander Komarov's video installation "They have had their fins cut and been forced to grow legs…"January 10 — February 10, 2019

January 10 — February 10, 2019
Aleksander Komarov
"They have had their fins cut and been forced to grow legs…"
Video installation

The exhibition opening: January 10, 19:00

Ў” Gallery of Contemporary Art starts its 2019 work with a video installation by Aleksander Komarov. The artist conceived it for the space of the gallery, based on the exciting, unstable moment of any undertakings and modern scientific theories about what generally should be considered as a space. The space may be imaginary, it can "live" when it is filled with daily experience of use, as well as social, emerging during interactions of the like-minded. The relationship between the various components is not given once and for all and is not sustainable. Instead, they are mobile and changing.

What is typical for the “Ў” Gallery as a mobile organism not bound to a specific material form, Aleksander Komarov shows in detail in his own installation. He has developed a presentation that immerses the viewer in an imaginary space of moving pictures. Among the stream of images and fragments of stories a viewer creates their own associations. The product of the artist will be remembered as perceived / constructed by the individual viewer in the gallery. Video installation resembles a cinema, only it does not have those rules and regulations that are present in conventional cinema. Here, the viewer is mobile and becomes a part of this installation.

Aleksander Komarov was born and raised in Belarus, lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He studied at the Glebov Art School in Minsk, Belarus, at the University of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland, and the Rijksakademie in the Netherlands. His films have been exhibited at the Moscow Biennale (2015), in the "Arsenal" gallery in Poland (2014), and at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago (2013). Komarov is the co-founder of PXFLUX, the online platform for presentation, promotion, expansion and acquisition of digital art 
www.pxflux.net, as well as the co-founder of ABA (Air Berlin Alexanderplatz) e.V. (Association of Artist-Researchers at Berlin/Aleksanderplatz): www.airberlinalexanderplatz.de

The exhibition will be opened on January 10 at 19:00, admission is free.
Exhibition tickets cost 5 BYN / 3 BYN


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