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Ostrovets of culture: exhibition project about another future of the Belarusian nuclear power plant opens in MinskAugust 23 – September 09, 2017

August 23  – September 09, 2017

Y Gallery of Contemporary

Ostrovets of culture

Exhibition project about another future of the Belarusian nuclear power plant opens in Minsk

From August 23 to September 9 Minsk will host the exhibition "Ostrovets of culture", in which artists, ecologists and architects present their vision of the unfinished Belarusian NPP further fate.

A strip of blue sky, the golden strip of field - road to Ostrovets. It is interrupted by graceful curves of cooling towers of the nuclear power plant that subdue the viewer's eye - attract and frighten at the same time. Endowed with an alarming meanings and invisible dangers that station with its radiation generates fear and primitive delight.

This year artists, architects and environmentalists decided to appropriate station’s body and create different future possibilities. "Ostrovets of culture" – is a station of science, art and ecology, which opened on the site of the unfinished nuclear power plant in Ostrovets. New meanings are included in the space of reactors, concrete pipes and basins. One reactor was converted into a Museum of contemporary art, the second - in the Planetarium and Science Center, drive raves and harmony of classical music live now in the sacred pipe coolers, solar, wind and energy of human movement flows across the wire. Center for sustainable living offers people the possibility of creating organic farms. Houses near the station become elite environmental residential space. Railway service Minsk-Vilnius Ostrovets in an hour's time will take you from two capitals into the new center of cultural life. Activist created the project of alternative future in which they believe and want to show us - another future is possible.

Organizers: Public Association "Ecohome", Gallery of Modern Art "Ў", Environmental foundation "Agro-Eco-Culture". The exhibition will end on September 9th with the traditional Agro-Cultural festival.

Artists and activists involved in the exhibition, creators of the "another future": Bazinato, Anna Volk (Belarus / Czech Republic), Anastasia Dorofeeva, Oleg Ivchenko (Russia), Veronica Ivashkevich, Anastasia Kozlenok, Valentina Kiseleva, Vladimir Kunz (Russia), Sofia Sadovskaya, Lana Semenas, Irina Suhiy, Max Tref (Belarus / Czech Republic), Victoria Kharitonov, Anna Chistoserdova, Sergei Shabohin, Mila Shidlovskaya, Martha Shcherbakova.

Ticket price for the exhibition - 2 BYN.