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Project Noosphere by Jura Shust / POPPOSITIONS art fair in Brussels

Y gallery of contemporary art at POPPOSITIONS'2017 in Brussels

April 20-23 at ING Art Center

Project Noosphere by Jura Shust, curated by Alexey Borisyonok

In his practice, Jura Shust reflects on how throw rituals and metodology can overlap with technological appartus, contemporary bio politics and science. His works refer to metaphors of liquidity, fluidity and repetition, that can be applied to contemporary semio-capitalism - the surface, where information is being accelerated and merged into one bodily-cognitive sphere.

The vibrant installation refers to question of future, extension of human body and interconnection of cognitive capacities into general intelligence, technological and mythological utopia, framing of the belief into immortality , inter-weaving of scientific ways of research and the archaic world view, the capitalist speed and informational intoxication.

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