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17 – 30 November 2016

READY, STEADY, GO! Buillon Group, GE


17 – 30 November 2016

Ў Contemporary Art Gallery


Bouillon Group (Georgia)

Bouillon Group is an artistic group formed in Tbilisi in 2008. Its members are: Natalia Vasadze, Teimuraz Kartlelishvili, Vladimir Khartsiashvili, Konstantin Kitsiashvili, Katerina Ketsbaya and Zurab Kikvadze. Group’s name illustrates Jean Baudrillard’s theory on “consumer society”, in which, according to the philosopher, all modern culture, politics, nature and human beings are mixed up into a broth (bouillon). Such kind of broth drives the society into complete disarray yet offers new perception of the environing world.

The group consists of 3 sculptors, 2 painters and one art theoretician – which grants continuous theoretical, critical and artistic analysis of contemporary society and its segments. Myths, logical contradictions, clauses and roles are explored in works like Porridge from a Kalashnikov (2015) and What is the meaning of Vladikavkaz and who is Vladimir? (2015).

Bouillon often uses non-artistic strategies in artistic context and, vice versa, works on issues of private and public space: how law enforcement and hierarchical systems form these spaces. The group’s approach is based on studying social settings through artistic activity and often shapes as a refined criticism of post-Soviet society of Georgia, skillfully shown in videos Weightlifters (2012), Untitled (Shave off) (2016).

READY, STEADY, GO! exhibition is a retrospective of eight years existence of Bouillon. The most incisive works are on display, including (Religious) Аerobics video that was shown on Kamikaze Loggia Georgian framework of 2013 Venice Biennale.

Kulturos Ambasada NGO, Lithuania, provides support for the exhibition