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6 September – 4 October 2016

The Exhibition of Contemporary Polish Art “Nothing Special, It’s Just Art...”, PL


6 September – 4 October 2016

Ў Contemporary Art Gallery

“Nothing Special, It's Just Art...”

The Exhibition of Contemporary Polish Art

Curator: Monika Szewczyk

Does the statement in the title seem strange to us and if it does not then why are we not surprised? Did we get used to the unreliability of the media that value cultural events in accordance with the criteria of efficiency on the one hand and of accessibility on the other? Or did we agree with the indifference of officials who consider art as an expensive whim and create a hierarchy of cultural institutions, where galleries are always at the end of the list as the least useful and most troublesome? Or do we take not only insufficient funding, but also the lethargy and incompetence of art institutions for granted? If it is so, then we live in a post-Communist country, not necessarily in Poland, but in Poland as well.

In the project “Nothing Special, It's Just Art...” the curator and director of “Аrsenal” Gallery in Bialystok Monika Szewczyk will acquaint the Belarusian audience with the most interesting and influential works of the Polish artists that have been created since the early 2000's and are a part of one of the largest collections of contemporary art in Poland – the collection of the “Аrsenal” Gallery in Białystok.

The artists participating in the exhibition: Tymek Borowski, Vesna Bukovec, Aneta Grzeszykowska, Katarzyna Kozyra, Zbigniew Libera, Marcin Maciejowski, Magisters, Joanna Malinowska, Anna Molska, Tomasz Mróz, Eva Partum, R.E.P., Paweł Susid, Julita Wójcik, Karolina Zdunek