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The project QAI/BY. Karol Radziszewski, PL7 July – 2 August 2016


7 July – 2 August 2016

Organisation: Ў Gallery of Contemporary

Art Partner: Kulturos Ambasada

The project QAI/BY by Karol Radziszewski in co-operation with Sergei Shabohin and Alexey Lunev

Furthermore: Zhanna Gladko, Igor Savchenko, Alesia Zhitkevich, Aleksey Naumchik

Curatorial support: Lena Prents, Valentina Kiselyova

QAI/BY is a code.

Code is a system of rules to convert information, occurrences, circumstances — such as a letter, image, gesture, ritual, event, or a reminder — into another form or representation. As a shortened, hidden or secret mnemonic, it serves up the communication and keeps stories. QAI/BY goes the opposite way and transforms the hidden information into visibility. It is a process in order to encode former and present lifestyles, attitudes and cultural production united under the term “queer”.

“Queer Archives Institute”(QAI) is a project by Polish artist Karol Radziszewski, that he established in 2015. The QAI focuses on archiving and re-interpretation of queer issues from former socialist countries and beyond. Before this, Radziszewski has been working for years on subjects of homosexuality and masculinity in Central and Eastern Europe. His QAI is led by an interest in a concept and embodiment of queer identities which allows a broader, less conformist, and deliberately ambiguous consideration of sexual and gender settings.

The idea for QAI/BY arose during Karol Radziszewski’s residency in Minsk. Being inspired by Igor Savchenko’s series of photographs “Invisible”, the artist made an attempt to immerse in Belarusian oral history and to track down what is or could be thought as queer in Belarus from the past till now – as hidden and invisible issues. Hence, QAI/BY doesn’t fix any new set-ups but invites artists, activists and interested public to reflect on and to continue the establishing of queer archive in Belarus.

Additional program:

July 12th, 2016, 7 pm

— Karol Radziszewski’s presentation of his artistic practice including the DIK Fagazine that he publishes

Curatorial concept, artistic contribution and design of the exhibition QAI/BY are developed by Karol Radziszewski during his residency in Minsk. This residency is realised in the framework of the project "BLUE BOX. Common places in contemporary artistic practices", initiated under the Re-Directing: East program conducted by the A-I-R Laboratory at the CCA Ujazdowski Castle and co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.

Special thanks for supporting of the project QAI/BY to Kulturos Ambasada, LT


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