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Rental of space
7 June – 3 July 2016

The project 0, 00. Topp and Dubio, NL


7 June  3 July 2016

Ў Gallery of Contemporary Art

Topp & Dubio “0, 00” / Netherlands

As a result of a personal and artistic crisis, the artist duo Topp & Dubio ran out of ideas. For the first time in twenty years of our collaboration, Topp & Dubio lack any vibrant spark of artistic thought, as well as any motivation to create art concepts for projects, exhibitions and performances.

At the same time, Y Gallery has invited Topp & Dubio to show their work in Minsk. Although the first meeting of Topp & Dubio with Minsk, earlier this year, was promising and constructive, no ideas for an exhibition have come up or developed since. Mostly because Topp & Dubio haven't got a clue on what they are doing anymore. Their mental condition is drifting in a total void.

Within this confusing state of mind, Topp & Dubio tried to cancel the trip to Minsk. The artists need time to handle the current crisis and can't guarantee any level of artistic quality. When Y Gallery insists on our arrival in Minsk in June, we will come out of loyalty and friendship. But empty handed with an 'all or nothing at all' attitude. We can't comfort you with a plan, or an outline of a concept except for the state in which we are as described. We have defined this condition with the symbol 'O'.

Since it is a part of our artistic practice to deal with situations and circumstances, Topp & Dubio have no other option then to show the mental state of crisis in which we are right know. This is a risky mission with no predictable result. We will call the show "0,00" and some sort of installation will become presentable to an audience that is tolerant, understanding and humane. We will answer their questions to the best of our abilities and make sure we will leave a situation behind that could be described as an exhibition.

As a starting point we will bring a small inflatable rubber tube as the first zero of "0,00". The rest is unpredictable and will contain a risk for you as much as for us. That is why we try to warn you in advance. This project could turn out as a total failure, but we are willing to go that route if you ask us to do so. On the other hand, this could be a perfect representation of our state of mind.

Sometimes art can be unpleasantly true.