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Rental of space
19.01.2010 – 06.02.2010 | Uladzimir Cesler

Vector Space

A series of abstract op-art objects “Vector Space” by an artist Uladzimir Cesler is inspired by the rhythms of anthropogenic civilization.

Monumental (2,15 х 1,10 m) black-and-white posters of the “Vector Space” reflect the structural essence of the artificially created by a human nature in abstract rhythmical compositions. Moreover they propose the opportunity to perceive it aesthetically, to comprehend and contemplate it.

The methods of op-art chosen by the author correspond mostly his personal vector which can be formed in the following way: “Be brave, look closely and you’ll see that everything is not what it seems to be: in a black-and-white mottle there appear some colour, behind the flatness there is a space, and behind the cosmic cold you can find light and warmth”.