Active art spaces for the presentation of Belarusian and European contemporary art.

Minsk, vulica Kastryčnickaja, 19
Working hours: daily 12:00 - 21:00

+375 29 366 75 16

Rental of space
08.10.2009 - 26.10.2009 | Siarhiej Kiruščanka


The project was started in 2006 in Uroda village, where the author together with other artists re-created the village landscape. Old wooden logs were modernized with the help of color and received new life as an art-object. Then the photo and video materials from the action were converted into a series of compositions in the techniques of serigraphy and painting.

This project unites a number of contemporary art trends (land-art, minimal-art, media-art, video-art). The author revises the traditions of minimalism of the 20s-50s through the prism of village landscapes.