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Tamara Sokolova

1950 born in Muldorf, Germany

1967-1972 studied at the Belorussian Institute of Theatre and Art (now the BeLorussian Academy of Arts)

1978 joined the Artists’ Union of the USSR

1986 joined the association “Nemiga-17”

1976-1995 created works of ceramic sculpture for various buildings: the lobby of the hotel and the maternity hospital in Borisov, the restaurant “Paparatkvetka” in Molodechno, the kindergarten at the district of Chizovka in Minsk, the Palace of Culture of the Oil-Production Plantin Mozyr, the Guesthouse for theatre professionals in Ostroshytsky Gorodok in Minsk region.

1996-2005 Creative activity.

One-man exhibitions

1994 ”The Dimension of Blue” at the Republican Art Gallery in Minsk

1995 ”The Temptation” at the Republican Art Gallery in Minsk

2001 ”The Temptation of Space” at the Republican Art Gallery in Minsk.

2006 ”Hindurch” at the Museum of Modern Art in Minsk

Group exhibitions

1984 Keramik Museum Westerwald in Hehr-Grenzhausen, Germany

1987 exhibition of works of applied arts at the Republican Art Gallery in Minsk. International Plain-Air in Dzintary, Latvia

1991 International Plain-Air “Raku Ceramics” in Akhtyrka, the Ukraine. “Raku Ceramics” at the Republican Art Gallery in Minsk

1999 “From the collection of contemporary Belorussian fine arts” at the Museum of Contemporary Belorussian Artin Minsk

2000 “Belorussian artists of the 90-ies. Tapestries. Ceramics” at the Museum of Contemporary Belorussian Art in Minsk. ”Creative Dynasties” at the Republican Art Gallery in Minsk

2002 “Belorussian artist” at the Municipal Gallery in Norköping in Sweden.

2002 – exhibition of the association of artists “Nemiga-17” at the National Tretiakov Gallery in Moscow, Russia

2007 - "Already ... Still ... Then .." . Podzemka Gallery, Minsk, Belarus

2008 - "Good-By", Art place FUK Fortgeschrittene, Berliri, Germany

2008 - "Good-By", Podzemka Gallery, Minsk,Belarus

2008 - "Art-Wheel", National Center of Beauty, Minsk,-Belarus. ('Volkswagen' Grand Prix)

Works of Tamara Sokolova are at the National Museum of Art of Belarus, the collection of Belorussian Artists’ Union, the Museum of Applied Arts of the Russian Federation, the Art Museum in Sumy (the Ukraine), the Polotsk Culture and History Museum-Reserve, at private collections of Belarus, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, USA, Sweden.

You can see and get Tamara Sokolova's pictures in our gallery.