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Minsk, vulica Kastryčnickaja, 19
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Aliaksei Luniou

Born in 1971, in Riga, Latvia. Lives and works in Belarus.

1989 – 1993 – Art college named after A. Hliebau

Scholarships and awards:

2011 – The best foreign gallery display "ArtVilnus 11" for project "She cannot say HEAVEN", LitExpo, Vilnius, Lithuania

2003 KunstlerHaus Scholarship, Boswil, Switzerland

2002 Scholarship of the canton of Aargau, Switzerland

Solo Shows:

2010 – "Multiplications", Y Gallery of Contemporary Art,, Minsk, Belarus; "DesignWeek" Vilnius, Lithuania

2009 – "Blackmarket", Municipal center of culture, Valka, Latvia

2007 – "Other Heavens: Texts and Illustrations". Museum of contemporary visual arts, Minsk, Belarus

2004 – "Saliva. Pink pages". ROR gallery, Helsinki, Finland

2003 – "Life is SOSimple" (installations), KunstlerHaus, Boswil, Switzerland Joint Exhibitions:

2011 – "She cannot say HEAVEN", "ArtVilnus 11", LitExpo, Vilnius, Lithuania

2011 – "Opening the Door? Belarusian Art Today", National Gallery of Art Zacheta, Warsaw,Poland

2010 – "Opening the Door? Belarusian Art Today", contemporary art center, Vilnius, Lithuania

2010 – "Vis-a-Vis. Topical Dialogues", Y Gallery of Contemporary Art, Minsk, Belarus

2010 – "Litera", Goethe-Institute Minsk, Belarus

2010 – "Painting by Oil", Y Gallery of Contemporary Art,, Minsk, Belarus

2010 – "Studio. 7 Artists", municipal art-gallery of Shchamialiou’s works, Minsk, Belarus

2009 – "Belarusian neo pop-art", Y Gallery of Contemporary Art,, Minsk, Belarus

2009 – "Raskolnikoff" gallery, Dresden, Germany

2009 – "Red Corner", "ArtVilnius-09", LitExpo, Vilnius, Lithuania

2009 – "Belarusian exhibition hall of the 53rd Venetian Biennale", BelExpo, Minsk, Belarus

2009 – "Grapheme", Literary museum of Yanka Kupala, Minsk, Belarus

2008 – "WHEEL", National beauty school, Minsk, Belarus

2008 - "GOOD-BY. For the Advanced", gallery "Für Fortgeschrittene", Berlin, Germany; "Padzemka" gallery, Minsk, Belarus

2008 – "ББСІ", "Padzemka" gallery, Minsk, Belarus

2007 – "T.K und A.S", "Padzemka" gallery, Minsk, Belarus

2006 – "Topical Art of Belarus", State center of contemporary art, Moscow, Russia

2003 – "Life is SOSimple" (performance), XI inner spaces festival, Poznan, Poland

2003 – "Foreigners for Rent" (together with Heidi Schlatter (NY) and Ivan Igor Sapic (Vienna) artistic action of month duration), KunstlerHaus, Boswil, Switzerland, Daros Collection, Zurich, Switzerland

2002-2003 – "Experience of Borders (video together with Hanna Sakalova), Aargan, Switzerland

2001 – "The Public Garden", International Performance Festival Navinki 2001, Arts Palace, Minsk, Belarus

2001 – "Let*s Jump" (installation), Tirana Biennale 1, Tirana, Albania

2000 – "Die leichte Arbeit", International Performance Festival Navinki 2000, Arts Palace, Minsk, Belarus

1999 – "Chron-A-Top", Arts Palace, Minsk, Belarus

1999 – International Festival Percorsi 99, Castagnole Monferrato, Italy

1998 – "In-Formation 98", "Salt Warehouses" gallery, Viciebsk, Belarus

1998 – "Belaruska Awangarda", Amfilada gallery, Szczecin, Poland

1997 – "Duty Free", contemporary art gallery Biala Podliaska, Poland

1996 - Art-Book Biennale 2, Dostoyevsky’s Museum, St.Petersburg, Russia

1994 – "Liebschaft", Arts Palace, Minsk, Belarus

1992 – "Lessons of unkind art", Arts Palace, Minsk, Belarus

Curator’s projects:

2010 – "Painting by Oil", Y Gallery of Contemporary Art,, Minsk, Belarus

2011 – "She cannot say HEAVEN", "ArtVilnus 11", LitExpo, Vilnius, Lithuania

You can see and get Aliaksei Luniou's pictures in our gallery.